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I beleaf in digital art


I am Jesse Alberts, a digital illustrator and biologist. Since childhood I love to be creative in any way. My artworks always involved animals, nature or fantasy biology like alien worlds. Now that I have studied biology and have focused on visualizing it, I can finally do some actual scientific design.


My expertise has always been illustration and graphic design. This ranges from illustrating children's books to creating business animations or posters for large companies. In the last few years I have been able to expand my creativity to include working with Augmented and Virtual Reality, which has drawn me more to the 3D side of digital art.

In 2018, I started making digital drawings on my laptop, and I've been keeping up this website ever since. Click 'Portfolio' to see my work!

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About Me

Nowadays appearance is almost the most important thing; The first impression people have when they see you, your company or project. It should draw attention and make them say "Wow!".

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